Effective time management


Time is one of those commodities that many people feel they never have enough of. But if you work on improving your time management skills to be more effective, you’re certain to feel a renewed sense of control in your life.

Mastering time management allows you to take control of the flow and rhythm of your daily life, as well as achieve your bigger goals.

The secret to effective time management is that it goes deeper than just ticking items off the To Do list. It’s about knowing how to focus on the items that bring the most VALUE to your life. For this reason, Tony Robbins puts a great focus on time management in his Unleash the Power Within events. Below are 3 key ways from Tony on how you can start improving your time management skills today.


Tony Robbins is famously quoted as saying: “Where focus goes, energy flows”.

So the first step for better time management is to get clear on what it is you really want to achieve, and ensure that the tasks you set yourself for the day align with your ultimate goals.

If your tasks don’t align and aren’t driven by your passions or purpose, then you’ll be hard pressed to find the motivation – or time – to do them.  When you look at your To DO list, ask yourself: Which actions produce the most value? What outcomes address what you truly want in life?

This method of prioritization will give you direction on which actions deserve your attention and which ones don’t.


In order to give your priorities the most attention and focus, you’re going to need to say “no” to some things.

Take a look at what your biggest distractions are on any given day. For many of us, it’s things like email, texts, social media. It might even be a needy colleague. Whatever it is, it’s important to filter out those distractions, and the stress that comes along with it. If constantly checking your notifications is a habit, then you need to break the pattern. Try turning them off or only having a few set times throughout the day where you check them. If you run a business from home and find yourself constantly interrupted by domestic distractions, it might be worth investing in a coworking space.

Your time is yours to control, so make sure others respect it. Put boundaries in place with your schedule and allocate times you cannot be disturbed, to allow for higher thinking. Set an example by ensuring your meetings run on time and finish on time – don’t allow them to erode your productivity. 


Tony says, “Most of your stress is because you’re thinking about too many things at once.” 

Many people operate like they’re barely just keeping their heads above water – afraid that the minute they stop frantically paddling, they might go under.

If you’re facing an overwhelming number of tasks around an outcome, here’s a handy method of approach from Tony: Chunking.

The idea is to create more manageable To Do lists by chunking all the related tasks into groups each day, rather than having one big long list.  This makes the tasks look easier to manage and tackle. Psychologically, your brain goes, “OK, I see what needs to be done and it’s totally achievable – and I can do this!”

Chunking is like applying the principles of project management to your goals. First focus on creating clear checklists in prioritised, manageable chunks. Then focus on executing each separate chunk one after the other. In this manner, you avoid feeling overwhelmed as you simply get the work done.